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Sign Up Log In. Traveling light also puts less stress on your body, reducing fatigue and enabling you to hike more regularly—and for many years to come. Top Conversations. Latest Reply. The "what if's" should not be ignored especially for newbies. Pack light-pack smart. I started back in the 60's with a pack when empty weighed as much as my total pack weight today.

Why carry a heavy pack and gear when lighter makes it so much more enjoyable and fun. I lowered the weigh with a simple process. Then when I got home the gear was sorted into three piles , The third pile got left home the next time and before long the third pile shrunk to nothing after a few more trips.

As it is in life with the changes everyday backpacking gear evolves as time marches on. Those changes makes it that much nicer for the backpacker if they take advantage of it. I enjoy being a ultralight hiker and lightweight pack at times do miss that oversized monster of a pack. It's good that I don't use it because with a large pack and empty space it's human nature to fill it with something or anything. No I have not lost any comfort or necessary items by going ultralight. Does it really matter from a physiological carrying perspective if your base weight is 6 pounds or 10 lbs?

It does not. Maybe if you are horribly out of shape or 80 years old. I and the group I was with had full rain gear, fleece gloves or mitts and an extra layer. That allowed us to carry on in relative comfort.

Hammock Camping on an Abandoned Mountain Farm - Quehanna Trail Ultralight Backpacking

More importantly we never felt compromised in terms of safety. I saw and heard of a few things during that storm that made me cringe. Many UL thru hikers were simply not prepared for anything but ideal weather. That gets me anywhere in just about any three season conditions. I have a number of UL items in my pack to get to that weight. To each their own but I think the drive to a 5 Ib pack is silly at best and irresponsible at worst.

My thoughts only Load 1 more comment. I agree.

And by responsible I guess what I mean is self sufficient. Honestly I don't care what moniker you attach to it, it is truly unimportant. Nor do many of us feel the need to spend a couple of grand to shave off 3g. With all things in my world moderation seems to work best. There are a ton of variables involved, but much like many other things it is apparently important for some people to be the 'lightest' or 'best' or whatever.

The 'hike your own hike' mantra couldn't be more true, so in lieu of being critical of others, just don't.

The Mechanics and Advantage of a Long Walk – IBTAT Heads to the Pacific Crest Trail

A lot of the 'tips' on here too me are simplistic and common sensical if you have hiked at all. It should really be about educating those who want to, but are perhaps intimidated by something new. So if you wish to do the community a favor, please make your comments in that vain At its core UL is fun. It's fun to think about how to make things more streamlined, efficient, better.

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Those "Eureka" moments like when you go from heavy boots to runners, get that new Dri-down quilt that weights 3lbs less than that old sleeping bag, realize that when you get rid of all the "what if" gear you never use and you feel better and can walk longer, it's a great feeling. It is simply the logical progression as you gain experience. A gear weight spreadsheet is the most interesting and fun spreadsheet there is! Well, for me getting into UL was a necessity. When you take backpacking your entire family you start to understand the real meaning of weight.

The Proving Grounds: True Cost of Hiking the Appalachian Trail

When you solo, frankly, 40lbs is OK. Climbed some real mountains in the alps with that weight. First two days maybe a bit tough, but then no real problem. Now I'm also at 5lb base weight with the latest zpacks duplex, arc blast, neo air xlite, ee quilt, But I got here because I wanted to take the family backpacking. It's worthwhile for any backpacker to get serious about going ultralight in a broader sense. But inexperienced backpackers making "stupid light" decisions to meet a round-number cutoff is not what UL is about.

Also, talking about those weight limits as "gospel" doesn't help with the continual "this gear isn't TRULY ultralight! Good to push the envelope under the right conditions. We'd still be hauling 60 pounds of crap with a greater chance of injury. Fantastic read! I'd also like to pitch in my 2 cents regarding "Why Ultralight" from my perspective. But first a little about myself I am a co-founder of product design company specializing in textile and apparels.

Thru-Hiking the Appalachian Trail in Sandals: An Interview with Elliot - Bedrock Sandals

We believe that the fast fashion model is non-sustainable to our way of lives. The idea of making inexpensive apparels based on short-term trend leads to many problems which will impact our environment for a very long time. The micro-fiber pollution from washing our apparel, made from synthetic fiber has been greatly debated. Now, it has been suggested that avoiding the use of synthetic fibers, and instead, using natural fibers such as wool or cotton may be a possible solution. Sheep emit methane.

A green house gas 30 times more potent than co2.

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What about cotton? Requires 20, liters of water to make one tee shirt.

Is oil based and non bio degradable. The website centres around the author's own experience, hiking the JMT in This trail report is adorned with fine pictures. There is a section on planning and preparation, and some advice on equipment. It's always enjoyable to watch a degrees panorama. This trail report of the JMT has got many of them. The story is completed with detailed maps. Don't forget to click part two and three of the story. All trail journals from the popular www. Greg Cope finished the trail in 13 days, but if he had more time, he would do it in a relaxed way: "the John Muir Trail and surrounding areas have so many beautiful areas you could spend weeks exploring.

Yosemite Valley to Mount Whitney, miles, km, 1 month As one of the better known, spectacular and therefore busy mountain trails, the John Muir Trail runs for miles km into the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California, from Yosemite Valley to Mount Whitney. Wanderweg bewerten 9. Defenetly one of the most beautiful Landscapes I have ever seen. Plenty of water!

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No need to carry more than 1L ever. Beautiful Mountains, Lakes with islands, beutiful passes and rivers, the most beautiful campsites!

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