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There are two significant reasons to think this, put forward in by the philosopher Harry Frankfurt who also christened PAP. Consider a scenario in which a soldier, Amaya, witnesses a senior officer committing a war-crime, but decides against reporting it, out of a sense of loyalty to the reputation of the army.

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He succeeds in unearthing a damaging secret from her past. For the moment, he keeps the knowledge to himself, but knows that he can threaten to reveal it to Amaya and the wider world, should she reconsider her decision to remain silent. So the officer is not tempted to resort to blackmail. Has her freedom been compromised in this scenario? Few people would think so, I suggest.

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After all, the information in the hands of the officer is never used as leverage against Amaya; he never even confronts her. In other words, just believing that you have consulted your own personal values, and then choosing a particular path, is enough to render you free. Take the situation where a woman has been sexually assaulted, and is struggling with whether or not to report it. Compared with Amaya, here our protagonist is even more likely to be exposed to retaliation, and to put her livelihood and reputation at risk if she reports her assailant. Options mean nothing if you cannot even contemplate them.

Likewise, they mean nothing if they have no impact on the way you go about laying plans for yourself.

To the extent that your mind cannot expand to take in available alternatives, even if only to draw a map of hypothetical pathways, to that extent you are unfree — personally and politically. S o if freedom is not a matter of multiple options, just what is it?

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In my view, freedom has more to do with how you conceive of yourself — and of how you arrive at that self-conception. This is a term familiar to psychologists and sociologists, and connected with the nature of identity. You might think of yourself as a kind person, a conscientious worker, a good friend, a patriot, an intelligent citizen, good at mathematics or not , fit for leadership or not. The question is, how did you arrive at any of these self-descriptions, and how did you manage to discard others?

More specifically, you exercise your freedom most strongly when you reject or push back against a label or descriptor that others urge upon you — whether they do it gently or in the strongest possible terms. Posing as pollsters looking for survey participants, a first raft of callers told some of the women that everyone in the community knew that they were uncooperative with community projects. Another group were told that they were shining beacons of community participation. Two days later, the same women were contacted again, ostensibly by unrelated callers, and asked whether they would be willing to help with a community project a food co-op.

Women who felt personally maligned by the first group of callers were willing to help with the co-op project, and did so at twice the rate of women who had been complimented for civic-mindedness. Our preferred way of thinking about ourselves is always on the alert for threats, Steele maintained , and is activated whenever incoming information threatens its integrity.

When activated, the system presses for a restoration of the former conception — or ultimately, for a change in it.

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When someone suffers a blow to a prized understanding of herself, that can create a crisis. These are precisely the moments, I think, that occasion exercises of freedom — real opportunities to practise being free. What we do in such moments, in the crucible of self-creation, can either contribute to our liberation as authentic, self-made individuals, or else hamper our capacity for self-determination. Return to Amaya, who keeps quiet out of personal concern for the corps, with that concern overshadowing others.

Indeed, it appears to deprive her of nothing. People can use instances of restraint or repression as moments of self-creation. Not just our acts, but the language we use to express self-conception must be carefully guarded as well.

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Suppose that Alice thinks of herself as a strong person, a competent professional and a breadwinner for her family. If she also views reporting the incident as reflecting badly on these things — if reporting is, in her society, labelled as cowardly and reflective of personal or moral weakness — then she cannot act in line with her self-conception as a strong, professional breadwinner by reporting the sexual assault.

When she acts to remain silent, she does so out of a deference to the expectations of others, and possibly even by conceding the very meaning of strength and independence to others. Her expectations and understandings are crafted by the very culture that made her vulnerable to assault in the first place. When she allows society to dictate her expectations, Alice relinquishes control over her life, and is unfree.

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Now imagine, by contrast, that Alice could reject the conception of herself as cowardly when she reports the assault. Imagine if she were able to see herself as brave when reporting.

Being able to shift the meaning of such ideas in order to resist disciplinary systems carries enormous power. As much as a moment of unfreedom, an event that occasions a counterstrike of this kind might also allow a person to practise being free. Everything depends on how ready one is to resist. One can also push back against stereotypes.

People who respond strongly to stereotype threat end up conforming to expectations, rather than acting from genuine self-conceptions, and so are unfree. But if you are prepared for the threat in advance, you might be able to shift the balance in favour of better performance. You can adopt a conception of yourself as equal with and if possible, better prepared than the dominant group; you can conceive of yourself as not disadvantaged by your race, gender or anything else. In doing so, you are fighting against internalised bias — as well as removing some of the many threads that keep it tightly woven into the corsets that shape our lives.

That way, we can help people use instances of restraint or repression as moments of self-creation, by preparing people in advance of threats to their liberty. This new approach to freedom demands a metamorphosis in how we think about creating an identity, particularly in situations where we have been disciplined to rule out eligible options. True freedom is fundamentally about self-fashioning: you are free when you act out of your self-conception, even or especially when doing so defies what others think you are capable of. Kate Kirkpatrick. Become a Friend of Aeon to save articles and enjoy other exclusive benefits Make a donation.

And I would never want to be only what popular thought would expect of me. I am so much more than that. JoyBell C. So why worry about those who wouldn't accept you? I have found my best strategy is to authentically be me, listen within and follow it Given the depraved state of American culture, a slick dude can make millions being a hack.

But even if you succeed, you lose, because you've sold out your Muse, and your Muse is you, the best part of yourself, where your finest and only true work comes from.

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Where chalk changes with the direction of wind, ink stays as a deep stain. Like rain, sun and hail against a fake plant. And to find the strength to ignore the inner soundtrack that tells us to pretend to be something we aren't, otherwise we'll be on our own. Why place some unnecessary burdens on your shoulders, when you can actually live freely by being true to yourself?

Is the last hope any individual can have during sabbatical. When the expected doesn't happen Patience, expect the unexpected. When you are true to something that you have done; the results will come. Better late than never. As it is said' when a door is shut, opens an other.. He's a demagogue. He panders. Browse By Tag. Love Quotes Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.