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Your points will be added to your account once your order is shipped. Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! When do any of these things ever come together to equal poetry? When Jackie Kay's part of the equation. Kay's poems draw on her own life and the lives of others to make a tapestry of voice and communal understanding. The title of her acclaimed short story collection, "Why Don't You Stop Talking", could be a comment on her own poems, their urgency of voice and their recognition of the urgency in all voice, particularly the need to be heard, to have voice.

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And what voice - the voices of the everyday, the voices of jazz, the voices of this many-voiced United Kingdom. Eliot - in that elite group whose children's writing, rather than gainsaying their primary poetic project, informs and enriches it - One of Kay's greatest strengths is the way she locates individual experience in the collective. As befits an adoptive daughter of peace marchers, Kay is a writer for whom the personal is indeed political - Even such a public poet as Kay, though, writes verse shaped above all by human cadence.

She has an immaculate ear for speech patterns, using accent and dialect, in particular, to lift and characterise' - Fiona Sampson, The Guardian 'Darling is proof of her place as one of the most deft, most airy, most unencumbered, most fearless and most humane of poets.

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  • White and black laborers lived and worked side by side and naturally became intimate. Even interracial marriage, though uncommon, was allowed. But as race slavery replaced servitude as the South's labor force, interracial sex threatened to blur the distinctions between white and black-and thus between free and slave.

    David Greenberg, " White Weddings: The incredible staying power of the laws against interracial marriage ," Slate , June 15, Humour, gender, sexuality, sensuality, identity, racism, cultural difference: when do any of these things ever come together to equal poetry?

    Darling: New & Selected Poems

    Darling brings together into a vibrant new book many favourite poems from her four Bloodaxe collections, The Adoption Papers , Other Lovers , Off Colour and Life Mask , as well as featuring new work, some previously uncollected poems, and some lively poetry for younger readers. And what voice — the voices of the everyday, the voices of jazz, the voices of this many-voiced United Kingdom. Thirty-Five Jackie Kay. Read this poem.

    George Square Jackie Kay. Things Fall Apart Jackie Kay. Her Jackie Kay.

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    In My Country Jackie Kay. Old Tongue Jackie Kay.

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