Alice: Slave at the Marketplace (Alice BDSM Book 3)

You might not know the title of this song, but you'll recognize it when you hear it. In America, "Feels So Good" is one of the most popular instrumental songs of all.

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Up goes the newly reconstructed old orange house. Bluebird are pleased. Like this: Like Loading February 26, February 26, Flower Roberts. I have a Coffee Tree in my living room. I have petted it for two years now. Future blooms for the first time! My joy quickly turned to consternation when upon closer examination I discovered scale on several leaves and branches. Scale insect at the base of the leaves. Those nasty scale parasites had invaded my precious Coffee Tree. So out comes the Q-tips and alcohol.

For another scale massacre. The dead bodies were appropriately collected in a coffee cup. I had two other emergencies last week. Stay tuned for these. February 23, March 1, Flower Roberts.

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I have a winter stash that I only allow myself to look at when the weather is bad. It is raining again today. I finally get to enjoy the two books my friend Joyce gave me in June. They are Flora Forager books.

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Both by the brilliant Bridget Beth Collins. She does magic with flower and plant pieces. Some of her art is mosaic pictures. Some are replicas of famous paintings. Many are mandalas made of natural materials. The seasonal journal has plenty of room to write that poetry I have been putting off putting down. I plan to lose myself in these books on this dreary day.

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Oh look. There I am now! February 21, Flower Roberts. This Creeping Fig vine Ficus pumila has kept growing through the winter. My guess is that the block wall has kept it warm. It is hardy to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. I am happy to see its new copper-colored leaves in February. I love this little creeper. Flower Share this: Twitter More Facebook. Failure to do so can be messy, sticky and a lot less fun than you would imagine. You could fill your time by going down the self-publishing route — if nothing else it will give you something to post on facebook besides reposting shit photos of other peoples cats, or sweet suffering fuck actually photographing your meals and posting that.

Seriously, what is up with that? Someone you sort of know from work comes up to you in the street and shows you a photo of the dinner they had last night. They say — Yum yum! You wrack your brains, but the only thing that comes is — Fuck off you total freak of nature.

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And besides which, you might have to engage in the most buttock clenchingly tedious task of actually having to do some research. Just make it all up. If you feel you really must do some research, simply confine it to a quick Googling and possibly half read something on Wikipedia. Well, one thing you might think about is to start a blog telling other people how to write. Remember - Those who can, do.

Nothing will endear you to your friends more — except maybe sending them Farmville requests Another, and slightly more benign, option depends on the level of delusion you are able to attain. Not writing a book can leave a big hole in your life. Of course, having a big hole in your life may have been what lead you to writing the book in the first place. Make sure you find something to plug your hole. Glad I could help. Inspiration comes to writers in all sorts of ways.

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It might be an imaginary person that presents themselves and asks the author to tell their story. Or, it might be the seeds of the story that come first. Then again, it might be neither of these. It might be a place that first beckons - a setting - demanding to be populated by fascinating folk with interesting life stories. The storyworld - or setting - is the ingredient that completes the triad of essentials - along with character and plot - when putting together a piece of fiction.

The world of the story can be a real and contemporary place.

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Or, it can be a made-up place existing decades - or indeed - hundreds, thousands, millions of years in the past or future. It can be recognisable - or weird and alien. It can be confined - to a town, a house, a room, a shoebox - or indeed the head of a pin. Or it can be as vast as a whole universe. But, although the world of the story can be drawn from a whole world - and beyond - of possibilities, once the author has decided on the nature of the stage on which her story will play out, then there are rules to adhere to. There will be rules that come with the genre.

So crime fiction will most likely require the settings of police station, pathology lab, or detective agency. Historical fiction will unfold in a cave, settlement, village or city that is true to the artefacts and customs of its time. Romantic fiction will need to provide a place where it is possible for the paths of the two main protagonists to cross.

Science-fiction, fantasy and literary fiction are less restricted than those listed above when it comes to world-building. They can literally push boundaries. They can do away with the rules of physics, time and space.

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A huge part of the thrill of writing fiction is the fun you can have designing homes, cities and planets. Whether an author is telling the story of a wee girl and her teddy going to nursery school, or the story of a time-travelling Roman soldier turned detective, who also happens to have an interesting lovelife and a load of existential angst, the world in which their actions take place must ring true for the reader.

There must be inherent and coherent conditions within that world. There must be no jarring inconsistencies. By all means have upside-down town - or should that be Downton - but the author must remember this characteristic throughout the action - everything will have to happen upsidedown. But, as long as you do that - then the world for you, the writer, is your oyster.

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Just remember though, if it is an oyster, then the story world will be shell-bound, underwater and a bit smelly throughout David Hewson in conversation with Gillian Hamer For the most part, my column features authors who have been fortunate enough to have seen their work commissioned into film or television. His first novel Semana Santa was made into a movie with Mira Sorvino. So I had to cut scenes, characters and the occasional story thread.

I just looked at the parts I thought weakest and cut them. Benefits— you have a basic outline for the piece, some characters and, from a publishing point of view, an instant line into the reader. Obviously the novel has received high There was a huge international auction for the book rights. I was in Italy at the time so I heard the buzz. TV tie-ins are often cheap, rushed hack jobs, not long, creative adaptations of the original. I thought some fans would scream at me for changing the original, quite fundamentally in some ways. Lots of fans have said they really liked the fact the ending is so very different.

I was trying to introduce as little as possible that was new there. What were your initial thoughts and fears? Were you worried the massive hype surrounding the television series might have a negative impact on the novel? Principally flattered and terrified. How do you go about translating over twenty hours of small screen drama into a normal length novel? In a very organized way.