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Cillian Murphy 's acting resume includes several fan favorites from the last decade or so: 28 Days Later , Christopher Nolan 's Batman trilogy and Inception among them.

The ballet-themed clip, filmed at London's Old Vic Theatre, marks his directorial debut. The group's full-length record, The Shadow of Heaven , arrives Aug.

The other day Murphy called me from the set of the upcoming sci-fi film Transcendence to chat about his passion for music and his vision for the video:. I think a lot of people are familiar with your acting career, but can you tell me about your musical background?

No Inertia feat. Jason Dering - Come on Out

That came first, right? Yeah, that's what I wanted to do originally, I suppose. It's quite a common thing amongst actors, I find; if you talk to them, you find a lot of them have ambition to be musicians. Until about 20, I was playing in bands. We were taken quite seriously and had a record deal offer and all that.

Then I discovered theater, and that kind of became more important. But I've always had a great love for music; I listen to a lot of it, I play it, I go to a lot of gigs. Yeah, but just for myself, and not as much as I should.

Hold Me Forever Quote A Loving Couple Hugging Each Other Represnted In Pop Art Red Heart Shape Mug

I'll mess around, but I don't do it all the time. It's just a really nice way to relax.

I've always had a hankering to make a music video, but it needed to be the right song. You need to believe in the song, and it has to affect you, I think, for you to try to interpret it visually. I love that label Bella Union — they have amazing artists — and label head Simon Raymonde sent me the song, and I absolutely loved it.

I immediately had this idea of ballet dancers, for some weird reason. Then I met up with Jamie Lee from the band , and he had also thought about ballet dancers as an idea, so it seemed like a good beginning. It's a mad thing, because it all came about on Twitter. I'm not on Twitter, but we put the word out saying we're making this music video, and if there are any dancers interested in helping out And Max Westwell — he's the male dancer in the video — he responded to that.

I met up with him and we got along great, he loved the song and was really into choreographing the piece. So then we met all the dancers. I feel so small singing this in a concert so just please kiss me soon, before I hate myself for this. Could it be, I'm in love with the olny man I know that could totally break my heart.

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So love me, forever hold me, whenever take me, wherever you may gonna go. Love me, forever hold me, whenever, take me, wherever you may gonna go. And they say it's not real 'cause they don't know how we feel. How we hold hands in the dark, singing song deep in our hearts. So love me You will get 3 free months if you haven't already used an Apple Music free trial.

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  5. Cillian Murphy directs MONEY's new music video for 'Hold me Forever'.

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