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Carpenter, Leroy G. Cooper, John H. Glenn, Virgil I. Grissom, Walter M. Schirra, Alan B. Shepard, Donald K. Roger Launius : Well the astronauts of the early era were very much our alter egos, our surrogates in this gigantic struggle with the Soviet Union. And so they are every man. NASA official : The question is, has your good lady and have your children had anything to say about this? NASA official : The astronaut training program will last probably two years.

During this time our urgent goal is to subject these gentlemen to every stress, each unusual environment they will experience in that flight. Before the first flight, we will have developed our Mercury spaceship to the point where it will be as reliable as man can devise. George Alexander : Well, look we had had, at that point, a number of unmanned space craft that had failed.

Death Star

It really impressed the hell out of me that this was a really dangerous business. Senator John Kennedy : The next president of the United States, on his shoulders will rest burdens heavier than it rested on the shoulders of any president since the time of Lincoln. War and peace, the progress of this country, the security of our people, the education of our children, jobs for men and women who want to work, the development of our resources, the symbolic feeling of a nation, the image the nation presents to the world, its power, prestige, and direction — all ultimately will come to rest upon the next president of the United States.

Well it can only have the effect, certainly, of reducing it.

Battle of Endor

I think that color television is not as important as rocket thrust. Sergie Khrushchev : Korolev told Americans making preparation to put their astronauts in space.

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HAM is a stand-in for the astronaut. A friendly little fellow in a form fitted couch about to make his mark in history. Sergei Khrushchev : We can send more testing with the dogs, but it will not prove anything, so I have to do it now. Yuri Gargarin through translator : Allow me, comrades, to inform our Soviet Government, our Communist Party, and all the Soviet people that I accept with honor the task assigned to me to open the first path into space, and if during the execution of this assignment I encounter any difficulties, I shall overcome them as the Communists do.

Radio Moscow : Today, the 12 th of April, , the first cosmic spaceship named Vostok with a man on board was orbited around the Earth from the Soviet Union. Radio Moscow : That was the voice of Yuri Gargarin recorded from the first space ship with the first man to fly into the cosmos. Edwin Newman : The Soviet Union has today laid claim to one the greatest scientific achievements, one of the greatest engineering achievements, and incidentally one of the most courageous ventures of all time.

It has sent a man into space and brought him back alive. Sergei Khruhchev : This man in space became the most important event in the world. And my father want to make it very public relations. So he told yes, we will bring Gargarin to Moscow. I will meet him in the airport and then we will drive to the Red Square. There were the roofs and the windows and the balconies, cheering, shouting.

For the ordinary people it was sensation. But after that Gargarin became the public figure. And we are lucky that he has so attractive face and he smile.

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And of course Soviet Union sent him everywhere. He represented the Soviet Union and the great technological country.

Senator Hubert Humphrey : We Americans and indeed the people of the free world must understand that science has political implications. It means therefore that our own science must be looked upon as to its political effect particularly with the emerging nations — countries that are impressionable, that are new, or emotionalism runs high. John Logsdon : The world reaction was if anything even more excited than after Sputnik.

So Kennedy was faced with an issue of what to do, how to respond. Two days later he called a meeting in the cabinet room and Kennedy goes around the table and says what can we do? Find me a space program which promises dramatic results in which we could win. Buckbee : Von Braun was the man who convinced President Kennedy that we can beat the Russians to the moon. Wernher von Braun : But if you want to go to the moon, or land on the moon or go into a high orbit…. Ed Buckbee : So, Saturn was born.

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  • He knew that if we start out with a small one and then had a middle sized one and then the big one that we could eventually make that machine go to the moon. Because both the United States and the Soviet Union would have to build new rockets in order to land people on the Moon. John Logsdon : So, in a sense, getting to the Moon is a rocket-building race, and you, the United States, have me. We want it to be the Star-Spangled Banner.


    Battle of Endor

    Robert Trout : This is Robert Trout at Cape Canaveral reporting on an historic day in the age of space, the day this country finally took a long step toward matching Russian achievements by shooting into space a thirty-seven-year-old Navy commander from East Derry, New Hampshire. John Logsdon : The Kennedy administration was very media conscious, so the plans all along had been to do things on live television.

    We were trying to send a message of US competence with the Allan Shepard flight, first US person going to space, even if not into orbit. John Logsdon : A number of people in the Kennedy inner circle said, do we really want to do this? Do we want to risk failure on national television, and maybe even killing someone on national television? He took the risk. Ralph Renick : Alan B. Shepard in the nose cone of that rocket! Still rising! The speed is picking up to miles an hour to carry spaceman Shephard miles above the earth.

    But nothing went wrong. Everything went well. A new spirit has arisen in US missile men and in our capital. President Kennedy : Ladies and gentlemen I want to express on behalf of us all the great pleasure we have in welcoming commander Sheppard and Mrs.

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    Sheppard here today. Roger Launius : For about a six-week period from the middle part of April of until the end of May, Kennedy was able to announce a moon landing program and not be laughed off the stage. Ed Buckbee : The president wanted to do something that was astounding to the world. We needed something like that to really challenge this country. President Kennedy : I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth.

    No single space project in this period will be more impressive to mankind or more important for the long-range exploration of space and none will be so difficult or expensive to accomplish. I believe we should go to the moon, but I think every citizen of this country as well as the members of the Congress should consider the matter carefully in making their judgement to which we have given attention over many weeks and months.

    Because it is a heavy burden, and there is no sense in agreeing or desiring that the United States take an affirmative position in outer space unless we are prepared to do the work and bear the burdens to make it successful.

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    So there was not a groundswell of public demand for a dramatic, expensive space venture. It was a leadership initiative. David Brinkley : If we decide to go ahead with the exploration of space including putting a man on the moon within the next ten years, we must be prepared to spend the money and do the work. And as he described the work and described the money, they both are considerable.

    John Logsdon : Well, I think Kennedy had second thoughts about the money the day after he announced we were going to do this. I think all the way through he was questioning. Do we really want to do this or not? I think we ought to know about it. Reporter : Today, President Kennedy signed an authorization from Congress to spend one billion, seven hundred million dollars on our space program for the next fiscal year. But fair enough for what is by far the greatest show on Earth — the dramatic race to the moon. Announcer : This is radio Moscow. This is radio Moscow.

    We interrupt your transmission for a special news flash. After orbiting the earth over seventeen times, in the course of twenty-five hours and covering over , kilometers, Major Titov landed in a predetermined region of the Soviet Union. Major Titov is feeling well. Senator Mike Mansfield : I do not think that we should become disconcerted by this accomplishment. I do not believe we should appropriate more in the way of dollars. I think what we ought to do is to stay on course, work steadily and deliberately toward our objectives and keep our shirts on.

    Reporter : The immensity of the accomplishment of Soviet cosmonaut Gherman Titov has not yet begun to sink into our minds. He has opened the door which will lead us to the next great adventure in space — a trip to the moon. And unless the world changes drastically, that initial trip will be taken by a space craft bearing a hammer and a sickle. Lived in Cocoa beach. I remember the — sort of the physical environment very vividly.