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Jul 26 Luke Netjes Delft, Netherlands.


May 25 Chris Abraham Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Mar 23 Thank You, Lord, You are a riving of life flowing in us!

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Sam C. Washington, DC, United States. That I keep the flow is my only plea. Feb 7 Jan 11 Nov 17 Our home meeting thoroughly enjoyed the overflow from the college conference!

We are gushing up! Sep 16 Aug 24 Patricia Stuart Lautenbach, France.

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Let's sing this out loud and clear Category: Fulness of the Spirit. Subcategory: As the Living Water.

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    Key: F Major. Work of power — dunamis — work of God, doing something great… 2. Love — Christian love has its root in the holy spirit. Rom Jude 20 love is a supernatural force 3. Sound mind — sound thinking and wisdom come from the holy spirit.

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    Pison — edification — fullness Gihon — revelation — overflow Hiddekel Tigris — power — purpose Euphrates — intercession — fruitfulness When we stir up the gift of God in us we are going to move into these rivers… When these flows happen, it will lead us into power, love or a sound mind. Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion? Feel free to contribute!

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