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You might not know the title of this song, but you'll recognize it when you hear it. In America, "Feels So Good" is one of the most popular instrumental songs of all.

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So the point? They are marketing to the mixed bag of values that has created the Evangelical Christian subculture.

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At least in public. As the joke goes, why do you take two Baptists with you when you go fishing? There is an unspoken assumption from most of us that we really want the people on the stage or on the book or album cover or on the radio need to have it together more than we do. Because we are messed up, we need them to be a sort of savior and hope for us.

Christian bands that smoke which a lot of them if not most of them do, including some of my players have to duck into back alleys as to not offend anybody. I think smoking is stupid.

Rather than just being honest about where we are at and what we all struggle with though, we look to our gatekeepers to believe and live morally vicariously for us. That way we feel better about being part of the system of good, and the moral brokenness in our own lives is repressed like the fear of a child with her security blanket.

This sort of dishonesty is at the heart of much of what I and so many others find so repulsive about much of modern American Christendom. I had a conversation with John Mark McMillan last night about something that I think is very interesting. By the way, I consider John Mark to be one of the ones I consider to be making a valiant effort in transcending some of these imposed limitations in this industry.

In fact, I bet some of you reading this have described as such. Do you notice that nobody really uses that word about other types of music? I just was perusing some Itunes user reviews to see if this holds up. Why else would it be there? Ok, that might have been a little much.

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I actually love a lot of the individual people in the industry. There really are some amazing people in it, many of who share my weariness about the way things have been. And I also love you guys. I love our fans. I love the people that we get to meet and I love being able to get our music to them.

Forgiveness: Two Hours of Worship Piano / Prayer Music / Sleep Music / Christian Meditation Music

I just want to be honest about what I see and call us to find better ways of doing things. The cards are stacked against people that actually want to do honest creative art in this industry, and the people that try really need your direct help and support to have any chance. Do you know how much that one family has helped us stay encouraged?

Industry people: Stop being so afraid. I know you want things to be different than they are as well. Yes money matters. But so does beauty. Art actually makes a difference in the world. Have the courage to actually make decisions on values and not simply on past numbers and trends. And for crying out loud, if it really is good, the numbers will follow eventually anyway. Artists: Take heart. I think the tides may be turning.


The recent attention and success of our band speaks to it I think. People are growing weary of the status quo. The machine and its sheen have seen its strongest days. So I encourage you as well to not be afraid. Make it and let them catch up with you. Your art is sacred. Be honest. Be brave. Reblogged this on wadeicus. Christian Music should glorify God, but if all you want is artistic expression be a secular artist then.

Every one likes to bash Christian Music and try to ruin it for those of us who actually enjoy it. If you hate Christian Music so much then quit and let some one else take your place. You seem to enjoy it enough to take your fans money and not work a nine to five job. Do you really believe that each artist has to choose between glorifying God and creating soulful music? It needs to be sincere but it needs to move upward.

We progress, we upgrade, we move forward. His tone seems to me to say that he is part of it and is happy and proud to be. I think this article points towards his passion for the Christian music scene because he wants to see good music in it. It is disingenuous and sub-par to what it should be. Anonymous, I think you have missed the point.

I think God is best glorified with our best work and our best art.

PDF The Use of Instruments of Music in Christian Corporate Worship Indefensible

So much of what passes for Christian music really is second rate. God deserves better. And I believe the musicians deserve better. For those of us who know people in the music industry-and it IS an industry-we know that what this blog post says is true. You ARE entitled to your own opinion. Heck, most touring musicians work harder than anybody with an average nine-to-five job.

The Use of Instruments of Music in Christian Corporate Worship Indefensible

Christian music sounds very similar. Maybe YOU like the sound. The radio station by my house has not changed the music it plays for more than eighteen years now. And THAT is the problem. That Christian music is an area he loves, because singing about God is important to him duh, use some logic. Not a hard concept to figure out. Maybe you like stereotypical Christian music. But there are a lot of us who are tired of artists wasting God-given talent because Christian music listeners expect all Christian music to have one particular sound.

Very well said. The amount of theological issues this blog raised in my mind are incredible. Listen to Christian music then, yeah? But he is fed up with the industry he is a part of. Sir, you have completely read this article the wrong way. Michael Gungor is sick and tired of the lack of emotion and soul in modern Christian music.

And I believe he may know more about it than you. After all, he is involved in, well,…Christian Music. I think he is definitely making a point that for some reason, people think that art and forms of art is secular just because it isnt worship or some kind of acoustic psalm, God wants us to be creative, to explore everything, experiment with sound and art that he created and be excited and crafty with it because its something our God made for us to enjoy and develop and utilize, God created within us an ability to create amazing music and glorify him by acknowledging what this form of art can do for us in inspiring us, bringing us piece, expressing love or pain… christian music for some reason doesnt practice this, or this is seen as secular if it is practiced.

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Christian Music needs to be becoming all things to all men, in order that it might win some. Jesus Christ was and is a game changer, he took care of the problem of sin, the no law or code could take care.

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  5. And I think that if God the Father sent his Holy, Divine, Blameless, Righteous and Only Son to die for us, in hopes that we would follow him and imitate that same radical love for others. We need to be breaking ground and cultural barriers with our music, It needs to draw eyes and attention to Christianity and make people ask whats going on over there?