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You might not know the title of this song, but you'll recognize it when you hear it. In America, "Feels So Good" is one of the most popular instrumental songs of all.

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Tourism Reassessed: Blight or Blessing

Invasive Species. Food and Agriculture. Environmental Valuation. Mak's presentation will be built around a few thoughtful quotations about travel and tourism. The freedom to travel safely and cheaply is one of the great blessings of our time—something that immeasurably expands the range of human experience.

Michael Elliott, NY Times. It was a busy week in Washington as Congress has struggled with potential solutions to the looming US debt ceiling crisis. Two very different plans have floated to the surface. First, the so called Gang of Six has revived a version of the Bowles-Simpson bypartisian deficit reduction plan.

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They have widespread support in the Senate and from President Obama. Unfortunately, nothing in the plan calls for an increase in the debt ceiling, and the plan is a relatively murkey proposal for future cuts to spending and tax overhaul. The sooner those cuts occur, the more they threaten the health of the US economy.

And more importantly, even if the Senate passed the plan, the House is highly unlikely to support raising tax revenue.

To demonstrate how out of touch the House is with the debt ceiling crisis, on Tuesday members passed their "Cap, Cut and Balance Act" by a vote of to This bill will not allow any increase in the debt ceiling until Congress sends a balanced budget amendment to the states for ratification. So this bill does nothing to solve the debt ceiling crisis, and has no chance of passing the Senate and being signed by the President.

Unless we see real progress on raising the Debt Ceiling by early next week, we will see increasing signs of financial market distress including increased volatility, and rising cost of insuring against default.

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My bet is that such signs of distress will result in some stop gap measure such as the plan put forth by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell that raises the Debt Ceiling by small amounts under the condition that work proceed on serious long-term deficit reduction plans.

A panel of experts will delve into the economic, environmental and social issues that APEC members will explore at the summit, and what the high-profile event means for Hawaii as we're thrust into the global spotlight. Access the video on the PBS Hawaii website. The European Union is still trying to solve the problem of very large government debt burdens of a number of countries. Greece is at the center of the crisis.

Tourism Reassessed Blight Or Blessing Brown Frances

Because growth prospects are poor and there is a very large public sector to support, it is highly unlikely that Greece will be able to make all the debt payments coming due. Concerns about this have spilled over to other highly-indebted European countries, including Portugal, Ireland, and now Spain and Italy.

There is growing concern that some kind of of debt default is inevitable.

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A default would occur as soon as Greece fails to make a scheduled payment on its debt. This would mean immediate losses for bond investors and could force even sharper cutbacks in Greek spending, precipitating an even deeper recession. The bigger concern is how this would affect borrowing rates for the larger European countries.

Those rates have already climbed as investors have become more concerned about possible defaults. The new worry is Italy. Italy is another highly indebted, low growth country and it is much, much larger country that would be a lot harder to bail out if it comes to that. The EU and the IMF have been trying to avoid even a temporary default by making loans to Greece under the condition that Greece makes huge cuts in government spending.

They extended another round of financing last week, but no one thinks that will be enough. The EU is now trying to find a way to reduce the Greek debt burden, perhaps by buying Greek bonds at a discount. Bond holders would take a hit, so this would technically be considered a default, but it might avoid a messier situation where Greece simply stopped paying its creditors.

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The underlying debt situation in the US in not nearly as severe as in Europe. But Congress has artificially created a debt crisis anyway. And the stakes are huge. If there is no increase in the Federal debt ceiling by August 2, either the US will have to make huge cutbacks in spending overnight or it will have to default on some of its bonds--something that has never happened before. This would mean higher borrowing rates for the government, making it even more difficult to finance the existing debt and likely raising interest rates for private borrowers too.

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